Notre engagement dans la production d’électricité

Our commitment with power generation

In early October, one of our local WinPower teams executed a Level 2 maintenance intervention on five power plant alternators, all within a short span of time. This significant undertaking for ensuring uninterrupted power generation, involved meticulous inspections, testing and minor maintenance tasks for each of the five machines.

Our team, led by a Senior Service Engineer and supported by local team members, Marco Reis (Electrical Engineer) and Fernando Guzman (Electrician Technician), were the chosen team members to perform these essential tasks. 

Several steps were taken with each of the five alternators:

    • Insulation tests and resistance tests for the stator windings, rotor and exciter;
    • Measurement of rotor alignment;
    • Inspection of bearings and replacement of oil;
    • Testing of diodes and varistors;
    • General inspection and component cleaning;
    • Testing of auxiliary circuits, including temperature probes and resistances.

Safety is always paramount and our team took all necessary precautions to create a secure working environment. This included measures like ensuring the engines were cold, closing air and gas valves, setting up proper barricading, portable lighting, safety sign boards, and certified work support scaffolding.

At WinPower, we’re committed to excellence in power generation, and this maintenance project exemplifies our dedication to keeping the lights on for five essential pieces of equipment.