Inês Azevedo wins Best Student Paper Award

The achievement of others inspires our journey. That’s the case of Inês Azevedo, who spent valuable months with us at WinPower, which received the Best Student Paper Award for her contribution. This recognition took place at the Energy Economics International Conference (2nd and 3rd November, 2023).

Inês’s paper, “Renewable Hydrogen Production Modelling with Application to the Ceramics Industry,” was a testament to her dedication, hard work and expertise. Her research, driven by a passion for sustainable solutions, held immense promise for the future. We were also proud to acknowledge that our CEO Luís Mendes, along with Jorge Sousa and Cristina Camus, were co-authors of this remarkable paper.

At WinPower, we are committed to nurturing talent. Inês’s accomplishment resonates with the spirit of collaboration and excellence that defines our organization.