Transmission & Storage

Enabling an Efficient Energy Flow

The increasing global power consumption, higher industry standards and renewables integration require an optimized energy flow on the grid. Flexibility and reliability are key features for effective transmission and distribution systems.

Renewable energy integration is currently a challenge for grid operators, as they are looking for the best strategic approach to speeding up their energy transition with distributed energy resources. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are on their way to becoming the backbone of the new energy era. They will play an important role also to support industry decarbonization. 

The Role of Engineering Integration

Powered by our large experience of medium voltage systems in power plants, as substations, transmission lines, protection and control systems (PCS), WinPower offers a range of engineering and construction solutions to efficiently integrate renewable energy into the transmission grid and distribution network. 

Together with our technological partners, we provide grid connection solutions for all types of MV substations, including BESS. The customized systems are based on proven and state-of-the-art technologies, and are designed to meet the local requirements and specifications of our Customers. 


MV Substations
Island-Grid Systems
RE Integration
LV Auxiliary Systems
Selectivity Studies


SCADA Systems

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The consortium Siemens/WinPower was selected by EDA for the design, supply, erection and  [...]

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Our engineering solutions are in compliance with the highest safety & regulatory standards. We optimize your network performance, including procurement, construction, and commissioning of MV Transmission and Storage systems.