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WinPower, S.A. Wins EU Public Funding for the Hy2Infra Project


We are thrilled to announce that WinPower, S.A. has received notification from the European Commission regarding the approval of its PtX Sines project, under the Important Project of Common Interest (IPCEI), Hy2Infra.

The IPCEI Hydrogen is dedicated to the development of an integrated value chain of hydrogen in Europe, from production to end-use. This set of 33 projects, “Hy2Infra”, is dedicated to infrastructure projects such as WinPower’s, and is the third to be approved, after “Hy2Tech” and “Hy2Use”.

With the PtX Sines project, WinPower will install 160 MW for large scale production of green hydrogen. The produced hydrogen will have several destinations and different end-users, in the Portuguese reference hub for hydrogen, and for exports, through the Port of Sines.

Proper agreements and all sorts of interactions with stakeholders across the value chain, represent WinPower’s contribution, not only to the construction of a Portuguese and European Green Hydrogen market, but also with important spillover effects to the broader community.

This achievement highlights WinPower’s expertise and commitment to the green transition and positions the company as a key player shaping the future of sustainable energy.

The flagship PtX Sines project is fully aligned with WinPower’s Mission for a decarbonized future and the EU strategies and policies to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.