Of course, it would not be possible to complete 30 years without:

Strongly thanking our Customers for trusting us with their projects.

Strongly thanking our Partners, for the way in which, together with WinPower and its Customers, we were able to achieve the proposed goals.

And of course, strongly thanking the entire WinPower Team, for the commitment and enthusiasm with which they dedicated themselves in every moment of these 30 years.

Thank You All! Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!

As it is well known, WinPower is an engineering company with 30 years (just completed!) of experience in the energy sector and reference of power generation projects in Europe, Africa and America.

As a global energy transition partner, WinPower provides engineering services and solutions for the different stages of energy project development, from design, consulting, development, implementation and O&M services, as well as obtaining national and/or communities necessary for the implementation of the projects.

As the world shifts towards a sustainable, low-carbon future, WinPower thinks, shapes and creates new energy systems that are part of global decarbonization and the green economy. We are strongly involved in these goals, decarbonization in the industry, sustainability in new energy production and energy efficiency projects and in business development for the production of green hydrogen.

We are driven by the satisfaction, growth and progression of our Customers, anticipating their needs through continuous investment in new engineering and innovation solutions.

Together with our Customers and Partners, we think and shape energy.