kick-off meeting of the EPC contract

The kick-off meeting of the EPC Contract for the construction of the 30 kV Substation for the Pico Thermal Powerplant between the Siemens/WinPower, S.A Consortium and the Owner, EDA – Eletricidade dos Açores, took place on the 16th and 17th of February. The main topics were Project Management and Engineering.

This contract, signed on December 2022, regards the EPC contract for Engineering, supply, transport, assembly and commissioning of the substation equipment, with an emphasis on:

  • 30 kV MV switchgear;
  • Auxiliary services for the AC and DC installations, including electric switchboards for AC and 110 V DC distribution;
  • Electrical Cables, MV, LV and command;
  • Command and Control Protection Systems;
  • General electric installations, including lighting, power sockets and telecommunications;
  • Transference of generation units from the 30 kV busbar to be decommissioned to the new 30 kV sub-busbars, I and II;
  • Transference of the power transformers for the generation units VI and VII from an existing substation which will be demolished, to the new 30 kV substation;
  • Installation of a lightning protection system.  

The scope of supply of this project is shared by the two members of the Consortium. Siemens will be in charge of the 30 kV MT Electrical Switchboard and Command and Control and Protections System. WinPower, S.A. will be responsible for the Auxiliary Services, Lightning protection, General electrical installations and erection of all the equipment.
The Engineering, transport and commissioning activities will be shared between the two entities.

Thus, the first step was taken towards another strategic project. This will make the Pico Electrical System more flexible, in a perspective of a constant improvement of the conditions for generation and transmission of energy on the island.